New year, new me? More like same fabulous us. Albeit, both of us are choked full of the cold as I write this. But, we’re sisters, it’s expected. We pretty much share everything anyway. Speaking of sharing, we thought we’d give you a quick update on our plans for 2020.

Last year was quick! Yes, everyone says that. But it only feels like yesterday I was off to Celtic Connections (something everyone must experience at least once), my marathon training was mapped out and Coal had arrived to join the team. Nicola, well on asking her all she can remember is another awful cold that month. There seems to be a theme…

Work wise for 2019 we joined the RBS Accelerator Programme (you can read about this here) and gained some new lovely clients while other projects and contracts came to an end. But we’re happy to be starting the new year afresh with some exciting projects and clients afoot. We don’t tend to talk about them much on social, even though we’re obviously their biggest advocates – something we’re marking down as a goal to do better! One of our most important values is still to work with people and businesses who are authentic, fair, have kindness, integrity and respect, and it’s great to be starting 2020 with a lovely bunch who are exactly that.

Continuing into the new year, and start of a new decade, Nicola continues her role at Scotland Women in Technology and I’m back for my second semester teaching at the University of Stirling Management School. Spring’s module is Digital and Experiential Marketing. Should be a breeze! Right? Well nothing can be worse than the engagement I got from the Brexit seminar.

We’ve also finally locked down our new coworking space at Collabor8te in Glasgow. A lovely, professional and chilled space in the Merchant City where we can get our heads down to work. 2019 taught us the benefits of having an external space to work together, away from home. For us, it really helps our productivity levels when we meet up. Another goal is making time for our end of month reviews and planning meetings. We normally are quite good at forward thinking, but more reflection on ourselves as individuals and a business is never a bad thing.

Nevertheless, one reflection we did make from last year lead us to the creation of our new consultancy sessions. We met a lot of people and businesses in 2019, many who wanted to improve their digital presence but either didn’t know where to start, had the time or a big marketing budget. So, we now offer a one-off consultancy session, which can be in-depth meetings or calls based on what you want to achieve online. Without the need to sign up to a long-term contract! All the information, including pricing and what’s included is over  . Whether it’s myself or Nicola, or both of us leading your session, we’ll steer you in the right direction.

To finish off, we both wanted to say thanks for all your support in 2019. Whether it’s been reading this blog, liking a tweet, referring us on, or your continuous compliments of Coal (he really is that cute). We look forward to another (hopefully) busy and exciting year ahead.

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