Well it’s been a rather strange few weeks…

I could have written a blog post before this, or numerous, but the truth is it’s a very weird time where both our feelings are a bit all over the place and it just didn’t feel right. Plus, does the world really need another content piece about the ways we could be using this time productively?

However, staying true to the Yellow Bird values we are remaining upbeat. While we tend to work 2-3 days at home a week anyway, it is hard not seeing each other face to face, even doing little things like going to Gordon Street for a coffee and their fab empire biscuits. Nevertheless, we’re making up for it with our daily video calls. Sometimes we chat work, other times pure rubbish – or just try and fail miserably to get Coal involved (he’s usually passed out sleeping). Work has got a little bit quieter, but we’re keeping in touch with our current clients throughout, providing them with guidance during these tough times, and it’s nice to know we can be of assistance. We’re also trying to schedule in webinars and online training throughout the week. However, this is not a super gloating blog post. Truth be told, that’s only if we’re in the mood, which is not 24/7 – for anybody! So, don’t feel bad if you’re using this period to have a bit of downtime.


Homemade banana bread


So, what do we do? We bake (banana bread of course), we workout (huge part of keeping us sane), we clean (multiple times), we go on our daily walks. Anything to keep a bit of routine and structure to our lives, and to stop the boredom setting in. So far, we’ve discovered that Nicola hasn’t got the patience for jigsaws and I’m crap at crafting. Not every venture is a success but it’s the little things that keep our spirits up, even a wee homemade margarita on a Saturday night (okay, more like a Thursday). You can follow what we’re getting up to over on our Twitter and Instagram.


Craft banner with rainbow on it


This lockdown has really made us realise the impact of such a crisis on daily life and we now appreciate many things we may have previously took for granted. Going to the gym, the ease of getting a train, visiting our favourite shops and cafes, going to see a show, and hugs from our family and friends. Once everything has returned to ‘normal’, staying true to another of our brand values, we vow to support even more small and independent businesses at home or further afield – and we encourage you to please do the same. From product to service-based businesses, they need you now more than ever.

As we wait for this, what feels a bad dream, all to be over, we’re here if you need anything. Be it a chat about where your business goes next, what strategy to implement during a crisis, or a discussion around key messages to put out to your customers, please feel free to get in touch. In the meantime, we’re in hope better days are coming and I’m off to master the art of TikTok. However, currently feeling I’m so not cool enough for it…


Dog on gravel path with monument in background

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