t’s not so much new year, new Yellow Bird Digital with our latest blog post. Even though January can be a bit cold, dark and miserable with everyone skint, it’s always exciting in the sense that it feels like the beginning of a new story. So, we’ve been spending the past month having a look back at what our highlights of 2018 were – both personally and professionally.

Let’s hear from the team…

Nicola’s 2018 Highlights

In January 2018, I had a conversation with our client,friend and imparter of wise words, Jennifer McGlone from Braw Wee Emporium. We were chatting about our plans for the year ahead after what had been a bit if a tumultuous end of 2017, and I came away from our catch up with two phrases ringing in my head – “baws oot for 2018”, and “nae dicks”.

In short (and plain English for our non-Scottish readers), I’ll throw myself into every amazing opportunity and situation head first in 2018, and don’t put up with any unsavoury characters along the way…

 So how did that turnout?  Well I’m sitting here in December, a week away from Christmas and about to head off to our team Christmas lunch, reflecting on what’s been an amazing, educational and inspiring year (with a lot of bloody hard work along the way).

We expanded! In July this year we became a team of two when Lindsay joined – slightly terrifying for both of us and I worried about the personal and financial implications (not helped by comments who don’t understand how family members can actually be as close as we are) but my fears were unfounded and it’s been great.  I love having someone to bounce off and share the load, and her perspective and skillset really adds a new dimension to our business. Which leads me to…

I took a holiday! Lindsay’s arrival meant I could take some much needed time off, and it’s also helped me to steer us towards a more flexible approach to working and time off or us both. Something that I think every small business owner needs to keep sane.

I learned to say no.  It’s actually a really hard word to say when you run your own business, but saying it makes you feel bloody amazing.  I’ve learned a lot this year about trusting my intuition, so whether it’s turning down a client who isn’t right for us or refusing to offer discounts on our prices, it’s an empowering thing to do.

I got inspired.  We’re lucky to work with some amazing local businesses like the Cultural Enterprise Office, Braw Wee Emporium and The Drink Cabinet who are headed up by entrepreneurial women, and hearing Mary Portas speak earlier this year about being a female business owner, made me immensely proud to be one too.

As the year draws to an end, I’m really excited for a little time off, but also excited to see what 2019 holds. So, bring it on!


Lindsay’s 2018 Highlights

For myself, it is undoubtedly joining Yellow Bird Digital. The end of 2018 marks 6 months of successfully working with the company, being self-employed and teaming up with my sister. Echoing what Nicola said above – nope, no fall outs at all – so far! While at times we can be completely different in personalities, we have always been incredibly close, and I feel this, along with our varied skillset, really compliments each other. I’ve also really enjoyed working creatively and collaboratively with a variety of different clients and meeting lots of new organisations and people. More importantly, I feel my confidence in my skill and ability has grown and I have been able to adapt to a different kind of work lifestyle i.e. not having a set Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. I always believed I liked structure and routine, but I’ve found I love having a varied week, and it just means being more organised than ever. My 2019 diary is well and truly purchased and colour coded already!

Hosting our first Yellow Bird Workshop in October. I tend to find presentations and public speaking a bit scary, especially with the event being sold out! As Nicola led the way, I began to find my voice throughout the session, being able to contribute my knowledge and experience to the topics we were discussing. We got excellent feedback from the session which was fantastic to hear so stay tuned to 2019 for second event.

After always feeling a bit restless in previous jobs I finally feel I’ve found my place and really looking forward to coming back in January, raring to go, on a mission to learn some new video skills and to meet and work with more people than before. 2019 also sees a new member of ‘staff’ join the Yellow Bird Team in the form of a new puppy mascot. So obviously he’ll need to be fully trained up to answer emails, use social media and make a good cup of tea!

But what about you?

What have your highlights been? Or have you thought about what you want to achieve next year? Why not jot down a couple of bullet points as you sit with a mulled wine and mince pie.

Before we sign off for the year, we want to wish all our clients, friends and followers a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.  We look forward to sharing more of our adventures, expertise and updates with you all next year.

Nicola & Lindsay x

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