Just when we thought we’d gotten our heads around the last Facebook algorithm update, Mark Zuckerberg did again, last week announcing that, in what has been sold as an attempt to keep users connected with each other, Facebook will be further limiting the number of posts people see from brands, businesses, and media on their feed.  Instead, they’ll be increasing the number of posts from friends and family that we see instead – apparently with the aim of making our time on Facebook, more valuable.

So, what does that mean for businesses using Facebook? At last check, it was already estimated that our followers were only seeing around 5% of our posts, and don’t even get me started on the fact I was still seeing Christmas Instagram posts well into the new year thanks to their updates. But can businesses still be successful on Facebook?

The answer is yes – but you’ll need two things – money to spend and some great content.

Organic reach on business page posts has dropped continually, and the latest algorithm means this is set to decline even further. Therefore, you’ll need to fork out to get your posts in front of people. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you can afford it.  Here’s why:

  • You can start small – Facebook is a great place to test out advertising and content on a small budget, with the option to continually revise your marketing based on customer response. There’s also the option to split test your campaigns for best results.
  • Facebook’s user knowledge is immense. Want to target people who just got engaged, or have a love for obscure musical trends There’s an audience for that. Want to find vegetarians who live in Sweden? Easy. Or maybe you’ve just opened a coffee shop and want the locals to know you’re I the neighbourhood. Facebook can do that too.
  • You can get creative. Make the most of videos, images, slideshows and landing pages to make your Facebook ads really stand out. Content really is king when it comes to Facebook ads and posts (even organic ones). The more engaged your users are, the more they’ll like, share and comment – and that’s what makes Facebook like your posts and bump you further up the algorithm, meaning that more people are likelier to see your next posts. So, take some time to think about your content planning – strategy is key to a great Facebook account and ad campaign.

So, we’d say don’t write off your Facebook business page just yet – but do take the time to curate some amazing content and think about what you’re prepared to spend to get your brand out there! Want some help? Get in touch with Yellow Bird Digital today and let us engage your Facebook community.

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