You’ve got an idea. You’ve turned it into an event. But now you’re wondering how to spread the word like wildfire, so people actually attend.

At Yellow Bird we’ve done our fair share of promoting events and sadly no it’s not the case of Wayne’s World 2 “if you book them (or organise an event), they will come.”

First there a couple of simple but quite important factors to decide, and to make clear when promoting your event.

  1. Name of the event. Ideally something catchy and relatable to the overall theme.
  2. Who is hosting or who is event is run by? Remember to consider any collaborators.
  3. Target audience. Is the event for a certain age or a more specific demographic?
  4. The content! What type of event is it and what will happen throughout? Will there be music? Guest speakers? Networking? Free food? Your potential audience wants to know!
  5. Date and time (and duration)
  6. Location (including address and directions if need be)
  7. Event cost – even if it is free!
  8. Is there a capacity? Does the event need ticketed?


So, after you’ve figured out the logistics it’s time to start promoting. While the days of standing outside handing out flyers to passer-by’s are not entirely dead and gone, there are much quick and more effective ways of attracting attention to your event. Campaign planners at the ready (don’t even think about doing anything until you’ve got yours to hand – organisation is key!)


Your Own Resources

Have you listed it on your own website? Blogged about it? Shared it to your followers through your newsletter? These are the first key steps to kick of promotion. If your business or organisation is associated with the event, chances are someone look to you for information. Make sure it is easy to find.


Share, Share & Share Some More!

Okay, a tad obvious but a schedule of posts across your main social media accounts in the lead up to the event is a must. Factor in any graphics or videos that need created and information that needs shared closer to the date. The creation of a Facebook event and / or advert (budget dependent) is worth considering and heavily advised.


The List

Yes, The List, and any other relevant what’s on websites that you can upload your event to. The more places it is, the more chance of it getting noticed. Budget dependent again, you can always opt to do some digital advertising.


Your Network

Don’t be nervous to ask your peers, friends or other organisations you work with to share the event amongst their contacts or on their own social media channels. If it is of similar industry or sector, chances are they’ll have an audience who are likely to be very interested in your event. A please, thank you and having a shareable flyer or graphic to hand can work wonders.


But Don’t Forget…

The people who don’t spend their lives online. That cute flyer you created for email use might just come in handy after all.

If you need a hand organising and promoting your upcoming event, get in touch with us today. We make sure all angles are covered.

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