It seems fitting with Blue Monday being this week that we wrote this blog. January can be a bit crap eh? On one hand the month means new resolutions and new opportunities, but the likelihood is that everyone is a bit skint, work is quieter for most businesses and it’s cold and miserable. These factors alone can make it hard to stay motivated and accomplish your to do list, while the feeling of cabin fever also begins to creep in…

It seems with every passing year the resentment for January grows, especially on social media – after the flurry of ‘new year, new me’ posts have died down. Returning to work after a fun-filled break can be a chore, and especially difficult if you are self-employed as one of your roles is to generate your own ‘office’ buzz and excitement, but there are some things you can do to make the month a bit more pleasant;


Arrange a coffee date.

Not caught up with that friend or colleague in a while? Then drop them a text or an email. Make the most of being a bit quieter and we love Briony Cullin’s commitment to having catchups and meetings in independent eateries. Therefore, supporting local and finding some really cool new places!


Give your office space or desk a makeover.

Small touches like new stationery and some new plants can really brighten up your working space and your mood. We’ve just found Bloombox, and albeit expensive, we totally want to decorate our house with ALL the plants now. Or perhaps you’re more in need of a Marie Kondo in your workplace? Either way a wee revamp might do the world of good.


Follow some new social media accounts.

If your resolution is to run a marathon, be a better boss / manager / leader, or to even cook more, search for your personal or professional keyword in hashtag format online and find some new inspiration. One of my current (small) personal goals is to revamp my living room so absolutely loving #smalllivingroomideas on Instagram right now.


Sign up for an event.

The new year means lots of new activities, workshops, masterclasses and meetups. Even if you don’t feel like going to something that will benefit you professionally, check out Eventbrite or Meetup in your local area and you might find something that will catch your eye and spark a new interest. We’re keen to go to a lot more business events this year and expand our network – which is taking us out our comfort zone pretty but you won’t get anywhere sitting in the house.


Time to do some admin?

The quieter months is great for catching up with those jobs you never get around to – in work and life! If you really can’t get motivated, then start with some of the easier jobs first. Still can’t be bothered? Go for a walk, get some fresh air and come back and eat that frog!Because no one else is going to do it for you! (P.s a good book that’s also worth a read this month too).


Plus the good news is that January doesn’t last forever – and neither does the quiet spell!

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