At Yellow Bird Digital we’re delighted to announce a new area of expertise and service to our clients – current & future. Back in April we were delighted to get to know Beezer and have spent the past couple of months getting to grips with creating apps. Which is really quite fun!

Not heard of Beezer? Well then here’s a quick rundown of who they are and what is it.  A fellow Scottish business (yay!) founded in 2016, Beezer is an online platform that gives you the tools to create your own progressive web app (more info about them here), which can then be distributed via social media, email or text to your friends, customers or audience. It’s also ideal for businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors.

So, what can you do with it?

From creating an app for your next event, know all those exhibitions and conferences you go to that has a dedicated app with the running order of the day? Or creating an app for your online store – did we mention it’s compatible with Shopify? Take bookings with your apps, connect via social or allow users to download files. There’s lots of great ways to get creative!

So why do you need an app, and us?

Along with your website, a mobile app is another level of accessibility to your audience. Beezer’s features such as Push Notifications adds another communication channel, building on your customer relationship. One of Beezer’s USPs is that it is easy to use with no major technical skills required. However, in reality not all SMEs have the time or knowledge to add extra value to their brand and business. You perhaps have a vision in mind but need a little helping hand to execute it. Well that’s where we come along! We are currently working with one of our clients to build a ‘on the day guide’ at their upcoming event, Insp-Hire. It’s specifically built for attendees to use so they can make the most of their day.

Have you got an idea for an app you’d like to explore? Get in touch with us for a cuppa and we can start chatting.

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