Yes, yes, we know we’re not even past Halloween yet, but for your small business Christmas is coming quicker than you can say Ho, Ho, Ho. Even the supermarkets have had their chocolates and biscuit boxes in since the end of August! (Already way too much temptation there).

If you’re a small retailer, then perhaps you’re already ordering in extra stock. A restaurant or bar, then you’ll have your Christmas menus and party nights planned. Or busy with rehearsals and ticket allocations for your venue’s yearly panto (oh takes me back to my old work venue). Whatever it may be, let’s not forget that promotion for all these activities needs to start now and continue all the way through. Possibly for some to just after the new year

Firstly, we would advise to set an objective. This is likely to centre around an increase in revenue but take a moment to consider what also you would like to achieve from a more noticeable busier period.

It could be;

  • New customers (and their details) to add to your mailing list.
  • An increase in followers on your social media channels.
  • Positive reviews for your business on Tripadvisor or Facebook, not forgetting word of mouth.
  • A loyal, returning and engaged audience – not just for Christmas but for life.

After deciding this, then time to write out a timeline of activity, even in a excel spreadsheet, up to the end of the year to keep you on track. This will help keep you accountable, as well as making sure any campaigns don’t clash with each other and all bases are covered for promotion. A week by week document like this is also helpful for marking key dates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, special announcements or festive promotions.

So, what should you include / consider in this plan?

  • What your social media activity is going to be? Will your business aim to post every day across all channels? And if so, what type of content? Plus, do you have someone that can confidently take charge of this?
  • A side note to this is Facebook advertising, which may require budget and the consideration of advert creation and targeting.
  • Newsletters: If you have a mailing list then yes, utilise it! A nice round up of what’s going once to twice a week can help keep your audience informed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be sales, sales, sales, (the same goes for social media) and Christmas can be a great way to connect, while having fun, without being pushy. The good news is that newsletters can be written and scheduled in advance, if you have busier weeks than others.
  • Your website, the central hub. As well as keeping information, (and perhaps stock) up to date and easy to find, does your look need to change for the season? This could be in the form of homepage banners directing the customer to the appropriate web page or promoting the must have Christmas present for the season. If you have a blog, make sure not to neglect it as this is a great space for sharing further news. It could be something relatively simple as your opening hours over the Christmas period, delivery of items ordered, or T&Cs of party nights booked. It may sound a bit dull, but it needs to go somewhere and is good customer service not to get caught up with the major details while forgetting the minor.


While we’ve concentrated on digital marketing activities, don’t forget to add any other marketing activities that you undertake. It all contributes to the overall goal of your small business having the most successful festive season ever!

‘But we quieten down over Christmas’, I hear you say. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, enjoy some downtime and perhaps have a look at our previous blog post to keep things ticking along productively.

Want to know more about getting your business ready for Christmas? Why not get in touch today to see how we can help. We’ll bring the mince pies.

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